Deluxe series is always the indispensable one on the pedal board when guitarists advance to higher level. There were numbers of ideas about timbre in my mind along with my designing process from the beginning. Deluxe is what I name this series because they will bring more space to make ideas realized.

Different from T-M size, Deluxe series has much more space, this allows us to use higher quality DIP plug-in components in key parts to get higher level timbre and more possibilities. This helps us to bring more ideas to be realized. Therefore pursuing much more excellent timbre and more music creating possibility is the most important goal except for the stable quality.

Based on combined design, two parts both can work individually and work as associated unit. This provides more possibilities on timbres. And benefit from the internal charge pump technology and bigger space, this series can bring bigger headroom, better dynamics. This is a remarkable feature of T-D series.

They have been proved to be a very good instruments on any pedal board without doubt.

Stamp on it, find more possibility!