As a designer of guitar effect pedal and guitar player, I have my own understanding and sensitivity on timbre as well as function. My design and innovation have been always pursuing excellent music experience with high practicality and functionality.

I believe every guitar player who is diligent in improving themselves dreams of finding tones that can touch their heart and express themself.

This requires highly on timbres and quality of equipment like effect pedals except for guitar and AMP. Effect pedals with excellent timbres in superior quality will support guitarists finding more possibilities and more music creating space.

This is what I want to do.

------ From J.Wong


No matter in their guitar playing or music creating, effect pedal is the instrument guitarists hope to use when they get progress on skill and higher requirement on the timbre. Therefore it is important to get a very good design both on timbre and stable quality.

T-M is the first series we launched for all the guitarists.

As a user, I understand the demand of many guitarists on timbre, stable quality, space and convenience. The original intention of making this series is to achieve excellent timbre in small and limited space, bring brand new music experience and use experience to all guitarist.

T-M series not only bring very convenient use experience, but most amazing is that they achieve excellent timbre in a its size. Guitarists can get a pleasant playing and creating experience from their plump and abundant timbre! And they can be easily brought to anywhere.

With the first generation launched in the market in 2015, it has caused fervent response, and become a brand recognized by customers among similar size products, even one of the best-selling pedal brands in a dealer store of more than 50 years history and excellent reputation. Along with market expansion, our products are on sell in top retailing store one after another in many countries. It is undoubtedly a big affirmation to us.

T-M series performance excellently, they are very good choice in various occasions playing because of their timbre, quality and size.