All Spark - Boost_TONE CITY


Input Impendence: 500 K 
Output Impendence: 10 K 
Current: 3 mA
Power Supply: DC 9V adapter, Polarity Reversal True By Pass. 

Product description

All Spark is an boost based on Classic A JFET design.

Up to 17dB pure volume.

The additional BASS and TREBLE control give you more flexibility in achieving your ultimate tone.

It doesn't change the Characteristics of your equipment tone.

If you want more thickness distortion. 

/ change the brightness of the tone. 

/ increase or decrease the low frequency.

/ add more overtones.

It can do all above for you.

It is your best choice at the end of the effector's signal chain to avoid the loss of sound caused by an excessively long signal cable.

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