Bad Horse - Overdrive_TONE CITY


Input Impendence: 500 K 
Output Impendence: 10 K 
Current: 10 mA
Power Supply: DC 9V adapter, Polarity Reversal TRUE BYPASS 

Product description

Bad Horse is an overdrive pedal.

It has an extremely wide range gain from clean boost to cream overdrive, and even to hard rock. 

Benefit from the clean-drive mix circuit and the germinated diode, it can keep very clear timbre and is full of harmonics when it is at high gain. 

When you setting it as clean boost, it can persist  the character of your guitar and amplifier.

If you are looking for an overdrive pedal which can clearly maximize retaining the equipments' own characteristics, this little pedal will be the best choice.

Turn up the gain knob, you can get a crème overdrive.

If you like blues, it also would be a very good choice.

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