Mandrogora - Overdrive_TONE CITY


Input Impendence: 500 K 
Output Impendence: 10 K 
Current: 8 mA
Power Supply: DC 9V adapter, Polarity Reversal TRUE BYPASS 

Product description

Mandrogora is a overdrive. 

It has two tone controls that will allow you to shape your overdrive to the specifics of your guitar and rig.

The VOL knob controls the amount of signal and the Gain knob controls the level of overdrive.

This super smooth overdrive allows you to have controllable highs, no more trebly fizz or unwanted icepick treble, just smooth and sweet singing highs.

The PRE. knob allows you to increase treble without cutting bass, and allows you also to tune your drives tone to different amplifiers.

The Tone knob allows you to soften the treble content.

This is a high gain overdrive that can keep clearly touched filling of sound.

Full of harmonics, suit for blues and rock.

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