Aviator - Flanger_TONE CITY

Input Impendence: 500 K 
Output Impendence: 10 K 
Current: 21 mA
Power Supply: DC 9V adapter, Polarity Reversal TRUE BYPASS 

Product description

Aviator is a flanger pedal based on 100% pure analog circuit with using BBD chip.

It has four knobs:

Speed controls the rotation speed of the flanger effect among a very wide range.

It can help you get an flanger timbre with Metal texture.

Meanwhile it can make a Ripple Chorus and a vibrato with rapid vibrate.

Regen is regeneration, it works as a feedback on flanger pedals to add whistling and whimpering effects.

Width adjusts the depth of the effect.

Delay Time  controls the delay time of flanger.

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