Funny Boy - Auto Wah_TONE CITY

Input Impendence: 500 K 
Output Impendence: 10 K 
Current: 15 mA
Power Supply: DC 9V adapter, Polarity Reversal True By Pass 

Product description

This Funny boy works like a Wah pedal.

It response sensitively and feedback the sound precisely.

Amoung its four knobs: 

Sensitivity adjust the Trigger Level of its Envelope filter to set its sensitivity.

BIAS adjust the resonance frequency of its envelope filter. 

Resonace adjust the Q value of Filter.

Decay adjust the decay speed of wah to different plas.

We got many feed back from customers these years that it would be great to see a wah pedal from Tone City, 

So this funny boy is developed for you palying.

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