Pedal Substation 1_TONE CITY


Input Impendence: DC 24V/1A 
Output Impendence: DC 9V/500mA * 4 / DC 9V/200mA * 4 / DC9V~18V SAG * 2 
Current: 500 mA / 200 mA
Power Supply:  

Product description

TPS-1 is a high quality multi-output power supply with very low noise.

It totally has 10 outputs: 

/ 4 * 9V 500mA

/ 4 * 9V / 200mA 

/ 2 * 9-18v / 200mA sag voltage continuously adjustable output.

Each of them has independent short-circuit and overload protection.

When one output occurs short circuit, corresponding red LED indicator light will be on to help users quickly finding out fault points.

When the fault is eliminated, the red LED light will be off. 

Along with this process, the other working outputs will not be affected.

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