about Tonecity

---------------------------------------------------------------- Company’s introduction-----------------------------------------------------------------

Tonecity Audio was established in the end of 2014 and develop stably and confidently, We are professional in R&D, manufacturing high quality effect pedal of electric guitar, and pedal power supply etc. Our brand is the unique one in China highly combining timbre control and processing, professional All Analog Technology and superior quality.


We are a young brand, but our chief engineer J.Wong has very rich experience in designing effect pedal, pedal power supply etc. We believe music should not be luxuries, but necessaries. Under the aspiration on high quality and value for money,  our instruments are designed to bring good performance to our customers, and make it worth customers' each penny.


Meanwhile, our skilled producing team ensure the high quality production per month.  And our products have passed the CE, ROHS etc. certifications.


Since the establishment, our products are known and recognized by more and more people. And we received lots of warm feedback and support from customers all around the world. This is really a great approbation to our products. We will always adhere to provide high-quality products and good using experience for customers from the world. 

And we believe the time will precipitate our original intention of making superior products.



-------------------------------------------------------------- Background of Tonecity ------------------------------------------------------------------



As the chief designer who has played guitar from high school and designed guitar pedal for 7years before Tonecity’s  foundation, J.Wong hopes to achieve the best balance between tone, quality and the price, precisely because this , Tonecity was founded, and each model is born in a breakthrough after he gets inspiration again and again in problems.


As a boss of a company, J.Wong knows that getting a considerable investment may help a company develop faster, but it also means there will be a quick return to investors, so as a designer he choose develop slowly but stably to protect the brand. Because of this, the space of Tonecity slowly expand from 49 square meters to the current about 700 square meters.


As a new brand develops stably and slowly, the sales from one of our retailing agents exceeded 8000 pcs in one  year. This is great affirmation and approbation for our products.

The design of each product is based on the J.Wong’s  identity of the user and the understanding of the market. In addition, we also make some supplements to the product design based on the direct feedback  from the agent on the market. Therefore, we are also very grateful for our Agents.


It is about 7 years from the beginning, there are stable development, and also we, our agents and distributors are experiencing the COVID-19.But we will still move forward stably. and thanks for all the customers and our users to support us and feedback to us.


----------------------------------------------------------- The  letter from J.Wong--------------------------------------------------

Hi Friend, I am J.Wong, the designer and the founder of  Tone City Audio.

In 2005, I bought my first electronic guitar and one distortion effect pedal when I was in high school, they really cost me much, and I found that it was really difficult for me to afford too much for kinds of effect pedals, then I decided to design pedals by myself after I went to university.


This decision made me taking one year longer than my friends to finish my major because I spent most of four years’ university time to study kinds of English data and books about effect pedals, all analog technology and electronics, these help me a lot to design and DIY by myself.


My first DIY pedals was completed soon which was an overdrive pedal inspired by the legendary green overdirve of the 1980s, and this made me known by friends in the guitar forum. But my major was about BAS (Building Automation System), so I spent half year to finish my major and graduated from university.


Well, this was not a good news for a student in China maybe, but I did not feel regretful because I found I can not stop designing, so after I left campus, I persist what I love till now, and I designed over forty products which was evaluated as good sound but the quality makes users unhappy, this bothers me till I realized that I must have my own brand so that I can control the designing and make those thoughts come true which were not achieved before, then Tone City Audio was founded in 2014.


Tone City is new but we are full of passion, each product comes out after time and time’s verification, maybe it is not perfect, but we are trying full effort to make best. We will always commitment to provide superior pedals and related instruments for users all over the world.


For protecting the environment, all of our pedals are designed without using battery and packaged plainly and simply.

Thank you for choosing us.

Hope all of you can enjoy playing on your own stage.



In Spring, 2015.