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Hi friend, I am J.wong, the designer and the founder of Tone City Audio.


About ten years ago, I bought my first electronic guitar and one distortion effect pedal when I was in high school, they really cost me much money, and I found that it is really difficult for me to afford too much for kinds of effect pedals, then I decided to design pedals by myself after I went to university, this decision made me take one year longer than my friends to finish my major because I spent most of four years’ university time to study kinds of English data and books about effect pedals, these help me a lot to design and DIY by myself. My first DIY pedals was completed soon which was an overdrive pedal base on the Tube-screamer and this made me known by guys in the guitar forum, and by chance I afforded my university by DIY pedals for them. But my major was about BAS (Building Automation System), so I spent one more year to finish my major and graduated from university.

Well, this was not a good news for a student in China, but I did not feel regretful because I found I can not stop loving designing,

So After I left campus, I persist what I love, and I designed over forty products which was evaluated as good sound but the quality makes users unhappy, this bothers me till I realized that I must have my own brand so that I can control the designing and make those thoughts come true which were not achieved before, then Tone City Audio was founded in 2014.


Tone City is new but we are full of passion, each product comes out after time and time’s verification, maybe it is not perfect, but we are trying full effort to make best. We will always commitment to provide high quality effect pedals and some related instruments on a1affordable price for users all over the world.


For protecting the environment, all of our pedals are designed without using battery and packaged plainly and simply.


Thank you for choosing us.


All the best




From Tone City Audio.




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